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The restored Aitken Fountain is a symbol of the renewal of Govan over the past four years – with new housing being built, the Shopping Centre redeveloped, the Pearce Institute restored and work being undertaken to preserve the fabric of the historic Fairfield yard offices.

This renewal, in part the result of the Community Council’s petition to the Scottish Parliament in 2002, has brought hundreds more people into the area who we welcome into the community and hope to see involved with the Community Council. However, the Community Council is well aware that, alongside the physical redevelopment of Govan, public services are being cut, unemployment is increasing and benefits being reduced.

The Community Council provides a forum for discussing all these issues and deciding on how to take forward campaigns for improvement

At its December 2018 meeting the Community Council decided to write to the Glasgow City Council Leader calling for the City Council to seek to amend the Scotland (Transport) 2017 Bill to enable Lothian style bus services to be run publicly by the City Council.  It also called on other Community Councils to make similar representations.  A copy of the letter can be found here.  We urge all other Community Councils to do so.


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